"Through dedicated and highly trained professional doulas. Our mission statement is to provide every woman and family the freedom of giving birth with love, confidence and dignity, while trusting the birth process through a foundation of emotional and physical support."

Greetings to all the strong beautiful woman. I welcome you to Lady Bugs Doula Services. As a mother of two beautiful daughters, and as a labor and delivery nurse, with over eight years experience. I have experience in natural births, medicated births, medically indicated cesarean section births and pregnancy loss. I always love having a personal touch with families during their time of need. I specialized in being an emotional, physical support system and encourage the birthing mother to be an advocate for herself during her journey of labor and delivery and during the postpartum period of bringing your new baby home. I always had a dedicated mission into empowering every woman to have the freedom of giving birth by trusting the birth process with love, confidence and dignity. Through this dedicated mission Lady Bugs Doula Services was created. I'm very eager to provide these profound services to families all over rather you choose a hospital setting birth or birth center birth; I will be with you the moment you call throughout the beautiful birth process and the journey after the birth of your beautiful baby.
Your sincere Doula,

Lady Bugs Doula Services

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Lady Bugs Doula Service provides Gift Certificate if you will like to present a memorable gift to a family.

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